Yatour Bluetooth Car Adapter Changer Handsfree Car Kit For BMW 17PIN E38 E39 Z8

Yatour Bluetooth Car Adapter Changer Handsfree Car Kit For BMW 17PIN E38 E39 Z8
Yatour Bluetooth Car Adapter Changer Handsfree Car Kit For BMW 17PIN E38 E39 Z8
Yatour Bluetooth Car Adapter Changer Handsfree Car Kit For BMW 17PIN E38 E39 Z8
Yatour Bluetooth Car Adapter Changer Handsfree Car Kit For BMW 17PIN E38 E39 Z8
Yatour Bluetooth Car Adapter Changer Handsfree Car Kit For BMW 17PIN E38 E39 Z8
Yatour Bluetooth Car Adapter Changer Handsfree Car Kit For BMW 17PIN E38 E39 Z8
Yatour Bluetooth Car Adapter Changer Handsfree Car Kit For BMW 17PIN E38 E39 Z8
Yatour Bluetooth Car Adapter Changer Handsfree Car Kit For BMW 17PIN E38 E39 Z8
Yatour Bluetooth Car Adapter Changer Handsfree Car Kit For BMW 17PIN E38 E39 Z8
Yatour Bluetooth Car Adapter Changer Handsfree Car Kit For BMW 17PIN E38 E39 Z8

Yatour Bluetooth Car Adapter Changer Handsfree Car Kit For BMW 17PIN E38 E39 Z8

Yatour Bluetooth Car Adapter Changer Handsfree Car Kit For BMW 17PIN E38 E39 Z8. IF Possible please send the picture of your car's headunit (front and back), we will confirm it for you! For above demands, Yatour Bluetooth car adapter (BTA) is released. Developed according to original protocol of OEM car stereo, BTA is a high-tech product innovatively integrated with latest standard Bluetooth technology. Plug & Play: installed via original CD changer port, easy and fast, perfectly integrated with the car.

Via car radio buttons and steering wheel buttons. Wireless A2DP Playback: easily streaming music of Bluetooth devices into factory car stereo system. Bluetooth AVRCP Control: controls Prev/Next Track, Pause/Play, Fast forward/backward via car radio buttons or steering wheel buttons easily and safely.

AUX Input: Supports 3.5mm auxiliary input, able to connect any external audio sources. Easy Charge: Offers 5V/1A standard USB charging port. Hi-Fi Sound Quality: Connected to car stereo via wire harness, no interference and no loss of sound quality, rivaling original CD sound. BTA allows you to easily have popular configuration of advanced.

Includes: 1 X Module unit for BMW 1 XBMW 10pin plug with 17 way round pin adapter 1 X AUX cable 1× Microphone 1 X User Manual. BE3350 (Business cassette), BE3351 (Business cassette), BE6510 (Professional), BP8272 (Business CD), BP9272 (Business CD), PH7050 (Business cassette), PH7070 (Business cassette), PH7090 (navigation system), PH7860T (Business RDS), PH7950 (Business cassette), PH8060(Business CD), PH9860 (BUSINESS CD RDS), BMW with monitor, Business CD RDS, navigation system, car radio with the 17 pins round connector. (1)Speical for BMW Business/Professional/4:3Navigation factory radios (2)Not compatible with BMW Reverse RDS radio or DSP (Digital Sound Processor) stereo system. (3)Not compatible with BMW radios without I-Bus (up to 1997) (4) From the middle of 2000, BMW radio adopts New Generation CD changer port (with 40 flat pins), accordingly new Quadlock 12-pin connector should be used.

Meanwhile, there still exist old radios with old port (with 17 round pins). So please make sure to check radio before ordering. (5) Supports ID3 tag(text display) on text capable radi. Please make sure your car can install this yatour bluetooth adapter before pruchase.

2- Installation Guide Before installation, please carefully read the Manual. To guarantee user interests, it is suggested that the product be installed by professional staff. 2.1 Installation Preparation 1. The product only operates on a vehicle with 12 Volt DC, negative ground system.

Do not use it on other voltage system. This product only fits OEM or aftermarket car stereo with CD changer port, and different solutions of Bluetooth adapter would be adopted according to different brands of vehicles or different car radios. Make sure car stereo is powered off before installation, otherwise the car stereo may be damaged. It is suggested to install it at car dealer shop or professional car stereo store. Usually, the car stereo needs to be removed so as to plug BTA's main connector into CD changer port on radio back.

For some car models, BTA can be installed in glove box or trunk where external CD changer port is located (Requires special splitter cable). 2.3 Installation Guide 1. Turn off car engine and remove key from ignition, if your radio uses a Security Code, make sure that you have the code before unplugging the radio. Unmount the radio from the dash in order to get access to the back side of the radio, and find CD Changer port at the back of the radio.

For details of unmount, please refer to car user manual or car stereo manual, or ask professional staff to unmount the radio. Connect wire harness to BTA module unit in advance. Be sure to make a firm connection. Then attach the wire harness connector to the back of stereo to the CD changer port. And attach the ground wire (for some models) to metal part of the car stereo body. For some models requiring extra connection of ACC or 12V battery, please connect related wires to correct ACC power or 12V battery power. Connect our microphone to microphone port of BTA module unit. Choose a proper mounting location for the microphone either on the upper part of A-pillar on driver side or near centre rear view mirror or head liner console control panels region. To guarantee the voice quality, please mount the microphone next to driver as close as possible. If a user already has remote control unit, please mount remote control unit on dash board or any position easily touched by driver, and carefully arrange plugs at last. Turn on the car and power on car Head Unit, press CD (or Disc / Mode / CDC / SOURCE / AUX) button for once or twice to switch to playback mode of BTA, with the symbol of red LED light being on. After successful test, re-assemble the radio, and put wire harness and module unit box in proper placeglove box, storage box, etc. , fasten screws between module unit and wire harness. Put back car head unit into original position. Now the installation is finished.

2.4 Important Installation Notes 1. As to some vehicles with external CD Changer, which occupies original CD changer port, Parallel Harness is needed to keep the use of original CD changer (For some models only). Installation refers to former diagram. As for Audi factory radio of mini ISO 8 pin, its CDC connector is 20-pin block connector, in order to install BTA, it requires to cut the 8-pin part or connect with our special Audi 20-pin adapter cable. As for Clarion protocol radios, such as some Subaru radio and Suzuki radio, it requires to totally unplug the wire harness from car power before installation.

Moreover, it is easy to plug connector in the opposite direction on Clarion radios, which causes short circuit. Make sure the connector is plugged in correct direction.

As for installation on CAN-Bus radios of Peugeot/Citroen, Renault, Ford (new) and Mazda (new) and Opel, it is required to unplug the radio from the power before installation. Otherwise, BTA might not work properly or the radio might be damaged. Regarding Peugeot/Citroen without pre-installed CD Changer, to enable BTA to work, the CD Changer function must be activated by professional tools. Please enquire the Peugeot/Citroen dealer on how to activate the CD Changer function.

As per BMW radios with CD Changer, the CD Changer must be completely disconnected before installation (The 3-pin and the 6-pin connector, both are located in the trunk, must be disconnected), otherwise BTA will not be recognized. Besides, if the BMW radios are with DSP, extra DSP kit and specific BTA would be used. 3- Functions and Usage Preparation 3.1 Working Modes Instruction Read over this instruction carefully before using Yatour. After finishing installation of BTA, press once or twice the CD or Disc / Mode / CDC / SOURCE / AUX etc. Button to switch to CD changer working mode (BTA mode).

Yatour BTA offers 2 types of working modes: HFP/A2DP mode, AUX IN mode. Under BTA Bluetooth HFP/A2DP working modes, the car stereo must be under CD1 mode, and you should see CD 1-1 on you car stereo. When pressing CD02 or Disc+ buttons to switch to CD2 mode, BTA's AUX input will be valid. 3.2 Connect Bluetooth Mobilephone to BTA 3.2.1Initial Connection After BTA being installed, it will automatically direct to the Bluetooth Pairing Status, this status keeps 3 minutes, during which BTA can be found and connected by other Bluetooth devices. Turn on the car stereo and switch to BTA playback mode, BTA red LED indicator will keep lighting, which means BTA starts to work. If in 3 minutes BTA is still not paired successfully, BTA will enter standby status. Under standby status, BTA can not be found or connected by other Bluetooth devices. Need to hold>> fast forward button on car radio for 5 seconds, then BTA will enter pairing status and keep this status for 3 minutes. Connect with BTA, if pairing code is asked, please enter0000. Smart phones usually do not need to enter any pairing code. After successful pairing, some mobile phones may need setting BTA as a default Bluetooth connection. BTA allows connected to up to 2 Bluetooth devicessuch as 2 mobile phones. The two mobile phones need to be paired and connected to BTA according to above ways, so that they can be used with BTA. When connected with two Bluetooth devices, some functions of BTA can not be used without optional remote control unit. After connection is successful, beep tone will come out from car speaker.

If many times of connections are failed, users may need to pair again. Please refer to instruction of Initial connection. If there are two Bluetooth devices paired with BTA before, the two Bluetooth devices will connect to BTA in order of final connections sequence. The first connected device is named main device, second connected device is named secondary device. 3.2.3Disconnect existing Connection.

If BTA has already been paired by mobile phones before and you want to connect to other new mobile phones, You have to disconnect current connected mobile phones and force BTA to enter pairing status. Following are several ways: 1. When BTA is under non-conversation status or A2DP status, hold radio fast forward button>>for 5 seconds, BTA will disconnect existing connection and enter pairing status. If user already has a remote control Unit, hold the Answer/Hang up button on remote control unit for 5 seconds, BTA will disconnect existing connection and enter pairing status.

Press CDC source button to switch to BTA mode. During making a call or conversation, user can press radio fast forward button>> to hang up the call. An incoming call will mute A2DP music play automatically, and rings will come out from car speaker. Some text capable radios will display info call coming in.

To reject the coming call, please hold radio fast forward button >> till the call is rejected. Then BTA will resume playing the last song. To reject a coming call. To answer a call, user just needs to press the radio fast forward button >>. To end a call during conversation, press radio fast forward button>>.

Then the call is ended and BTA will continue the former music playback. To end a call too.

This function requires help of special wire harness. For detail car radio types that supports mute function, please refer to application list of BTA.

Please operate car radio buttons after mute mode is cancelled. To end a call during conversation, press radio fast forward button >>, then the call is over. To end a call automatically.

Under non-BTA mode, it is not able to reject a coming call via car radio button. If users already have a remote control unit, under this status, users can hold the hang up button on remote control unit to reject a call. Hold radio button >>for 2 seconds again, the call turns back to Bluetooth hands free again. 3.6 Other Functions of Bluetooth Hands free 1. Only when Bluetooth hands free is under CD1 mode, Pressing CD02 button or Disc+ button during conversation will end a call.

Do not press radio buttons other than >>button and source buttons once the call is coming in and till the conversation is over. Otherwise, the former A2DP music playback may be disturbed or other uncertain status will appear. If there are two mobile phones both connected with BTA at same time, when the mobile A is under conversation and a call coming from mobile B, user can press radio button >> to hang up current call and answer the coming call. During A2DP music playback, BTA must be under CD1 mode.

When pressing CD02 or Disc+ buttons, BTA will automatically stop A2DP music playback, and now BTA's AUX input is valid. Pressing CD01 or Disc- buttons will automatically resume A2DP music playback. When BTA is under A2DP music playback, the car head unit screen usually displays CD 1-1(Different car radios may displays different info), track numbers display will not be changed as the change of playback songs.

If pressing Prev/Next Track buttons, the radio screen display info may be changed, but this display info can not express the real exact track info. Switch to BTA Bluetooth mode on car stereo. Smart Playback When the music App of mobile is paused 1. Press CD source button to switch to BTA Bluetooth working status, the music App of mobile will automatically start to play.

When mobile music is paused, press radio button>> and the music will start to play. (Notice: On Apple IOS system music App needs to wait for 10 seconds to start to play after it was paused) 2.

Fast forward/backward: Press radio buttons. >to fast backward and fast forward the song being played. When two Bluetooth devices are connected with BTA at same time, BTA can only allow one of them to play music. For example, if device A is playing, sound of device B can not be played via Bluetooth. To play device B, user needs to pause device A playback.

Switch back to BTA mode, music playback will continue. 3.8 AUX Audio Input AUX IN function can provide an external audio input to the car audio for your convenience. Any portable devices with 3.5mm auxiliary input can use it, such as MP3, PSP, GPS and smart phones(some of them require special cables) etc.

Able to achieve popular function like listening to internet radios. When you need to use AUX IN function, press radio button CD2 or Disc+ to switch to AUX input mode. Now BTA automatically stop Bluetooth A2DP playback, AUX input audio is able to play normally. 3.9 USB Charging Function BTA module offers a standard USB charging slot, provides maximum charge current of 5V 1A. Improper use of high current devices via this USB port will cause overload risk, this may reduce BTA sound quality or stop BTA working or even damage it. This USB slot is for charging only, not for data reading or data transfer. The remote control unit is integrated with Answer/Hang up button, previous track button and next track button, able to achieve some functions that OEM car stereo can not do. Its operation is more intuitive and convenient.

The appearance and buttons function setting are as follows. The remote control unit is small , flexible to install and layout in car. Directly plug it into remote control slot of BTA module, and then put it on a proper position in car. Clicking remote button Answer/Hang up during conversation will hang up current call. No matter current Bluetooth device is connected successfully or not, hold Remote Control button Answer/Hang up for 5 seconds, BTA will enter pairing status, at this time BTA is discoverable for other Bluetooth devices.

If Bluetooth connection is already successful, the former operation will disconnect current connection and BTA enters pairing status. If press Previous Track button, the first call can be reserved and the coming call will be answered. If you want to switch back to the first call and reserve the second call, you can press again Previous Track button on remote control unit; If you want to switch back to the first call and do not reserve the second call, you can press Next track button. If there are two mobile phones both connected with BTA at same time, when the mobile A is under conversation and a call coming from mobile B, user can press remote button Next Track to hang up current call and answer the coming call.

Hold Answer/Hang up button on remote control unit for 2 seconds again, the call turns back to Bluetooth hands free again. The detail functions are same as on original car stereo 1.

Under A2DP music playback status, Press Answer/Hang up button on remote control unit achieves Pause/Play function. Notice: Voice dialing command can be responded only after Answer/Hang up button is released. Do not hold for over 5 seconds, or it will lead to command of disconnect current connected device.

Voice dialing function can not be achieved unless you have remote control, and some Android phones do not support voice dialing. 3.12 Sound Volume Adjusting on BTA Only if BTA with Remote control unit, BTA could achieve volume adjusting function. When the sound volume is adjusted to lowest level, there will also be warning tone of lowest sound level. When the sound volume is adjusted to highest level, there will also be warning tone of highest sound level.

A2DP music playback sound volume adjusting: When BTA is under A2DP music playback status, the operation of A2DP music playback sound volume adjusting and the warning tones of the operation are same as that of HFP Bluetooth hands free sound volume adjusting. Generally, we do not advice that you adjust the sound volume to highest level, which will cause volume distortion. 3.13 Paired Devices List Clearing BTA can support up to two mobile phones or other devices, and recently paired devices will be saved on BTA's pairing list. When turned on, BTA will automatically try to connect the last two connected Bluetooth devices for your use convenience. Clearing unwanted devices from list speeds up connecting of BTA and avoids music stuck when BTA turns on.

Hold both Previous Track button and Next Track button on remote control unit for 5 seconds, all the paired devices on BTA's list will be cleared, and now BTA enters pairing status. Once Pairing list is cleared, it can not be resumed; you need to pair with device again before using it. Pairing list can only be cleared by Remote Control buttons.

3.14 LED Indicator Status Instruction When BTA works normally, red LED indicator will keeps lighting on BTA module. If you are not able to switch to BTA mode and red LED indicator is not on, that means BTA is not compatible or is not correctly installed. When turning off the car, red LED indicator will flash for seconds and go off, meaning BTA is cut off from power. The blue LED indicator is Bluetooth working indicator, changing with Bluetooth working status. 4- Important Compatibility Tips 1.

On most car models, to switch between built-in CD changer and BTA, you only need to press CD source button for once or twice, same as original car stereo operation. On some car models BTA is with MP3/CDC switch cable, when needing to use original CD changer, you just have to switch to CDC end; Conversely, switch to MP3 end to play BTA. Such switching is advised to be operated when car stereo is turned off or the car is turned off. Some car models may require turning off and restarting car stereo for once after switching so that it can work normally. On some car models with pre-installed CD changer, you need to disconnect original CD changer to install BTA.

Yatour BTA Bluetooth car adapter operations, such as Prev/Next Track, Disc+/Disc-, Fast forward/backward are almost equal to operations of original builtin CD changer or external CD changer. Some buttons of some car stereos may be changed, but such changes will not affect functions of original built-in CD changer and external CD changer. Functions not mentioned in original car stereo manual can not be achieved on BTA either. There may be a little difference on functions of different car models and different car stereo brands.

On some car stereos, too frequently pressing buttons during operation may cause track info displays incorrectly or playback stuck. And you can turn off car stereo and restart it. 5-Specifications Voltage Input : 11V14.6V DC Operational Current : 600mA Standby Current : 20mA Operating Temperature: -35+75 DAC Resolution : 20bit Total Harmonic Distortion : 0.05% SN Ratio : 90dB Frequency Response : 20HZ-20KHZ. Important Installation Information: Your car head unit should be CD changer capable.

This device is applied to orignal car audio equiptment or upgraded car audio equiptment with supporting digital music changer ports only , furthermore , same brand car with different model should use individual digital music changer. Each car use specific device. More options coming soon available for your choice. The in-dash CD changer will remain working, but external CD changer are switchable by a switch on the wire harness. If your car isn't listed here, we also have a large stock of iPod adapters for many other vehicles.

Please send us a message stating your requirement and we'll do our best to assist. If you are unsure as to whether this adapter is suitable for your vehicle, please feel free to ask before purchasing. For OEM radios : VW, Audi, Toyota, Honda, Mazda, BMW, Hyundai, Kia, Acura, Lexus, Skoda Citroen, Fiat, Volvo, Mercedes, Nissan, Suzuki, Ford, Renault etc For after market radios : Clarion , Alpine, Blaupunkt, Sony, Sanyo, Panasonic, Pioneer, Becker, JVC etc. 1 X 3.5mm male/male AUX Cable. We will choose the best way for your goods. If you are not satisfied with the product because its faulty or you don't want it. All payments must go through our checkout. We do not accept non-US issued credit cards. Your recognition will make us more confident to develop business and serve you better. We understand the concerns and frustrations you might have, and will do our endeavor to resolve the issues. Please give us the opportunity to resolve any problem. Our customer service team will serve you 7 days a week except public holidays. Huahee Technology is a China-based global online retail and wholesale supplier. We supply high quality electronic products. Such as digital music changer , ipod/iphone car adapter , digital media changer , Car DVD GPS players , Car LCD monitor , Auto rearview Monitor , flip down monitor , headrest monitor, car camera , Car fog lamp etc....

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Yatour Bluetooth Car Adapter Changer Handsfree Car Kit For BMW 17PIN E38 E39 Z8

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